13 shareholders

13 shareholders

The legally independent shareholders of the Dental-Union

100 Depots in Europe

100 Depots in Europe

Depots in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Albania

Advantages of the central warehouse

The most comprehensive central warehouse in Europe

An important argument for a participation in the Dental-Union is the decades of logistics expertise available to regional partners:

  • The members have access to one of the largest European dental central warehouses

The benefit for end users, dentists and dental technicians is evident:

  • Each depot will be able to offer a product range that goes far beyond the capabilities of a single regional depot.

In addition to the wholesale assortment, the faster response times, the short-term ordering options and the comprehensive service can be offered to the customers overall, without them losing direct contact with their individual dealers.

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Distribution structure

Shareholders and distribution partners

Our shareholders

Our shareholders

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Become a distributor

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The order volume

The process at the Dental-Union

Every day, more than 3,500 to 4,000 customer orders are received by Dental-Union, which are processed by about 235 employees. The employees inspect inputs, pack and coordinate orders. More than 9,000 packages with a total weight of 20 tons are processed by the employees on a daily basis. The fact that this works smoothly is due to the use of state-of-the-art technology: The central warehouse of Dental-Union is equipped with a 2.5 km conveyor system on which both customer orders and ready-to-ship parcels are transported. There are also 4,500 pallet spaces and 37,000 additional storage locations, which are available for quick processing of orders.

  • 1. Goods Receipt
    1. Goods Receipt

    The ordered goods arrives at the receiving department, where it then will bei inspected, will be accepted and will be sent from there to the respective storage stations directly.

  • 2. Work preparation
    2. Work preparation

    In the work preparation, the customer orders are read in and sent in trays via the conveyor system to the respective stations.

  • 3. Picking
    3. Picking

    The commission is divided into 23 stations with corresponding storage areas. In addition, there is a large container for the large and heavy items. Picking takes place directly in the pans coming from the order preparation.

  • 4. Outgoing goods inspection
    4. Outgoing goods inspection

    In the outgoing goods inspection, all orders are checked for completeness (100% inspection).

  • 5. Boxing department
    5. Boxing department

    In the boxing department, the picked and controlled orders are packed, provided with a shipping label and handed over directly to the logistics service provider.

  • 6. Department of returns

    In the department of returns, returns orders and complaints from customers / depots are processed.