Over 11,000 m² of storage space

Over 11,000 m² of storage space

Over 37,000 immediately available items

Over 37,000 immediately available items

9,000 packages daily

9,000 packages daily

One of the largest European dental central warehouses

One of Europe's largest dental dental warehouses, covering more than 11,000 square meters, stores over 37,000 readily available items on two floors, sourced from suppliers around the world. The products can be ordered from the approx. 100 connected depots in Germany and neighbouring countries around the clock. All orders that reach Dental-Union before 5 pm are directly processed, delivered and reach the customer the next day. More than 57,000 items can be procured within a very short time - a total of 94,000 top dental products from over 400 manufacturers, which are thus immediately available to dentists and dental technicians.

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The emergence of one of the largest central warehouse in Europe

On April 25, 1967, various dental depots have closed together. The aim of the merger was to establish a central warehouse for individual depots in order to be able to offer a more extensive product range. Without giving up the grown regional identity of the depots involved and the important direct contact with the customer on site.

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