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Our Logistics

Our Logistics


easyScan Order faster means having more time for other things. Order now at the touch of a button with your Dental-Union Depot. With easyScan! Video: easyScan

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We can not give life any more days, but the days more life When a child is seriously ill and is going to die, the whole family experiences the time of illness and farewell intensively and very…

Distribution structure

Advantages of the central warehouse An important argument for a participation in the Dental-Union is the decades of logistics expertise available to regional partners: The members have access…


DENTAL-UNION introduces itself Dental Union is one of the largest European dental central warehouses. With nearly 100 affiliated depots in Germany and neighbouring countries, we process your…


Jobs at the Dental Union Personal advancement, new area of responsibility, other industry - we also offer perspectives for people from other professions. With us you get into a very attractive…


One of the largest European dental central warehouses One of Europe's largest dental dental warehouses, covering more than 11,000 square meters, stores over 37,000 readily available items on two…




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Article pass

Article pass Here you will find the current industry-standard article pass and the corresponding explanation.