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Here you will find valuable tips and assistance on the subject of education. Finally, you should be more confident in your future decision to start an apprenticeship. Once before, here are some questions about education.

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2 vacant apprenticeships

Specialist for warehouse logistics (m/w/x)

Specialist for warehouse logistics (m/w/x)

2 vacant apprenticeships

Wholesale and foreign trade merchant Specialization Wholesale (m/w/x)

Wholesale and foreign trade merchant
Specialization Wholesale (m/w/x)

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Riko Mahr

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Questions about the apprenticeships

Everything about our apprentice heroes

  • What is important during your apprenticeship?

    Can you imagine why you should go through as many departments as possible? For which regular apprentice meetings are important? Why you also have to be thrown in the deep end? Why your individual support is important? ... or why there is more beyond the edge of the plate.

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  • How do you choose your apprenticeship?

    Have you already decided on a qualified job, or are you still looking? Either way, here you can get lots of information and videos about current apprenticeships! Do you know what to consider in an application process?

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